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Introductions and Apologies

Welcome. If you've stumbled upon Inhuman Interest during these early days, I apologize for the dearth of...everything. If procrastination does not get the better of me, the site will be updated regularly (I would say quarterly, but even that sounds daunting). Hopefully the links and resources already included will make this place worth the click that brought you here. Anyways, since you've made the trip, allow me take you on a brief tour.

The "Point of Origin"page articulates the intention behind the site. If you haven't read that page yet, please make it your next stop. Most of the site's content lives on the"Inhuman Resources" page, which compiles links and information regarding philosophers and other persons undertaking intellectual projects relevant to this site. The "Inhumanist Current" page provides notice each time new resources are added. Use the "Point of Contact" form to send me your tales of sorrow and anguish, though I'd prefer you to pass along links and information to include on the site.

That's it. That's the tour.

Until further notice, the sole focus of Inhuman Interest will be to create connections to certain people and certain discourses. In the distant future, it may include some original content (writings, interviews, art, etc.) on a limited basis. No promises.

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