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"I explore the alternative to critical posthumanism’s response to the perennial picture [of man], namely, unbinding our rationality from the constraints of animality: accounting for the distinctiveness of culture as a relatively autonomous system of linguistic and technological infrastructure, and explaining agency, selfhood, and value in terms of how our species has been formatted by and for this system. This strategy is far from unique, belonging to a nascent project of rationalist inhumanism developed in different ways by Reza Negarestani, Ray Brassier, and Benedict Singleton." - Peter Wolfendale, The Reformatting of Homo Sapiens

This site is intended to be a resource nexus for those interested in following the development of "rationalist inhumanism," including and beyond the work of the philosophers identified in the quote above.

This site is not intended to brand a unified philosophical movement where none exists nor to claim that any of the thinkers referenced consider their work to be associated with any others herein. Mr. Wolfendale's coinage is simply adopted as a matter of convenience since "Alternatives to Critical Posthumanism's Response to the Perennial Picture of Man" would have made for a less attractive URL. 


For the time being, Inhuman Interest will be a compilation of links to writings, interviews, and other information pertaining to discourses that provide a critique of and/or alternative to traditional humanist positions, but do not sit comfortably behind more familiar "post-" or "trans-" prefixes. In some future version, the site may host original writings by interested contributors, publish interviews conducted by the author, and provide a community forum for further discussion. However, it will most likely remain an idiosyncratic work-in-progess until its abandonment by/death of the author.


The author/compiler behind this site may be mocked on Twitter @sophistrionics.